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Marriage always involves work and attention but the addition of a career in law enforcement increases stressors on the relationship, not to mention some unique challenges. I never expected to feel so alone in much of my marriage. I didn’t fit in with my married friends who were going places with their spouses and I found very quickly hanging out with my single friends was not the place I belonged either.

There were years (and I do mean YEARS) when my hubby and I were two people seeing each other in passing (or sleeping) and an occasional evening together during a weekday night. We had challenges of staying connected, feeling like I was a priority instead of just the department, anger and frustration about missing holidays and family vacations, managing my own fears and anxieties, dealing with the effects of hypervigilance, the chronic nature of trauma and the job, and maintaining intimacy and a sex life.

As a wife of a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO), I know being married to the badge comes with some unique challenges to the relationship. As a licensed therapist (LPC-S), I know that some of my education and training has definitely helped my own relationship. Code 4 Couples provides expertise, education, personal experience, resources, and connection for Law Enforcement Couples to create and maintain authentic and intimate relationships. 

Whether you are an officer or a spouse, you will find the tools here to help or improve your relationship and Keep It Code 4!

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