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You knew that law enforcement and a relationship or marriage was going to be tough. You knew it would include shift work, missed holidays, missed connection, loneliness, going to gatherings alone, or feeling like a single parent. You didn’t realize QUITE the impact it would have. Your officer doesn’t seem the same and at times seems aloof, sharp, and cynical. As a spouse, you find yourself wondering what it’s going to be like when they walk in the door or see them next. What happened to the person you fell in love with? You find yourself being on more eggshells and avoid conversation due to the potential reaction. When you do try to talk to have a serious discussion, you realize your officer is shut down or trying to fix it instead of listening.

Police officer relationship problems

In the LEO world it is the NORM to feel disconnected from each other, frustrated at the lack of communication, lonely, angry at the situation or each other, naggy because you don't feel heard, irritated, and to struggle with intimacy.

But, you are too strong, smart, and friggin' stubborn to become a statistic or stay miserable.

If you are convinced it doesn't have to be this way- you are right! I've helped couples starting out and couples at the bitter end find a path to living a healthy happy connected rockin' marriage without having to give up a career they love. 

Cyndi doyle, lpc and police wife

Cyndi doyle, lpc and police wife

My name is Cyndi Doyle, and I am a LEO wife, and a therapist who has been there, done that and I am here to help you avoid the mistakes, missteps, and find the connection that you both sorely want so that your home life can truly be your respite and retreat from the crazy world out there! 

How can I help you and your partner reconnect today? 

  1. Listen: Check out the podcast for police officers and police wives where we delve into the topics that people outside of this world just don't get.

  2. Take Action: Download your free Intimacy Ops Plan so you can start Bringin' on the Heat in and out of the Bedroom.